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My Spirit is Life

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I ask you not to DO, but to be
For whatsover is of the flesh is flesh,
but when you allow My Spirit to have free course,
when you cease to interfere with my moving within you,
then those things that shall be accomplished
both within and through you
will be truly the LIFE of God
For My Spirit is the Spirit of Life
And My Spirit is the motivating power of Divine energy…
I am within you to give you life,
Life without limit…

This beautifully penned excerpt of spiritual inspiration is taken from Frances J. Roberts remarkable Christian classic devotional, ‘Come Away My Beloved‘ …This remarkable collection of poetic prophetic verse reads as an open and compelling dialogue – God in conversation with the writer. No question…it becomes apparent upon reading this collection that Frances had a heart wide open to God, and that she eagerly anticipated hearing His voice. If you don’t have this book in your personal library, I highly recommend it and encourage you to own a copy.

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One thought on “My Spirit is Life

  1. I used to read devotionals then stopped. This one seems beautiful. Im going to look it up now.
    Thanks for shsring. The words spoke to me.

    Nissi x

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