One Thing

Everyone dreams of making a difference in life. It’s a great dream. Question is, what will it take…?Ambition. Hard work. Study. Money. Optimum health. Right connections. Being at the right place at the right time.  All of the above? Maybe.

What if you found out you only needed ONE thing —being available to God…

Let’s look at the life of an ultra rich guy named Francis. He lived during the Middle Ages, a time of great social turmoil and huge gaps between the rich and poor. And Francis was lucky. He was untouched by poverty. He had been born into every advantage imaginable. His family owned immense resources. Their wealth meant Francis could have settled for a life of nothing but ease and comfort. Oh sure, he could have given to the poor and helped out here and there, but by and large, Francis had it made. He didn’t need to do much more than live and enjoy every day to the fullest. But something inside of him wasn’t content with his upper crust comforts. So Francis shocked everyone and said goodbye to ‘the good life’. He began living amongst the poor and spent his life helping those in need. He also became famous for attending to the care and protection of animals. A prayer which was discovered many hundreds of years later in the early 1900’s in France, ended up being attributed to Francis. The prayer reveals the heart attitude of a man who was available to God:  Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.

There’s another story about a rich young guy, found in Luke 18: 18-23. He asked Jesus a big question, “Lord, what must I do to inherit everlasting life?” No doubt he didn’t expect the answer Jesus gave: “Go and sell everything you have and follow me.” The young man turned away with regret. Unlike Francis, his riches had a vice grip on his soul. Giving it all up was way too much for God to ask.

What about you? How do you hope to make a difference in life? What’s your plan for getting there? Would you give up anything that was in the way? Do you find yourself  relying on connections, success, money, ambition? Or have you discovered the power of being available to God?

All God asks is one thing.  Be available. Give Him your heart.

©2012 S. Michaels
From Notebook – What Have You Got To Lose?

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