Wair Three Lochs Wed

Eilean Donnáin, where three lochs danc’d
an wed th’waves for’ev’r thair
Mind nae mair how th’land was fill’d
wi’ dark’est dread an’ tears o’er flow’d
Fer on thae sea kingdom imprint’d t’were
thae saintly knee o’Donnán o’Eigg

Centuries a’fore th’Earls o’Ross stood tall
an’ e’er great furor and ire a’fell
Th’wars, th’battles red, th’knell
o’ dead’ly sorrows clangin’ loud an’ cruel
On shorelines soft’ly Donnán whisper’d
prayers tha’mov’d all heaven an’ earth

An’ tho mony ae fierce skirmish
was waged o’er Kintail long n’bitter
Noo flyin’ high abuv thae tow’ers
on fortifications brave n’proud
Alba’s banner rules fair days n’ wether
o’er brides an’ grooms an wedded bliss
o’er lafter distill’d upon fair hills
dis’persed as mist at break o’dawn
dark days forgot’en, will nae return

© 2012  S. Michaels
Alba Songs
Eilean Donnáin Castle, Scotland

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