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Muile’s Embrace

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Muile, sunny isle uv thae seas
Giver uv fierce an ruff embrace
Why did ye howld oos och sae strong?
Sae fast, we culd nae breathe?
Past Beinn Mhòr‘s steel-eye’d gaze
Did we see th’ Laird O Thae Isles
Shoutin’ storms tae keep us?
Nae. It wair you, Muile wha c’owl’d
Wi sad luv refrains, wi storms rumblin’
By Caisteal Dhubhairt’s  headland
Wair Mary th’Maclean’s future f’ell
We saw Torosay‘s tangled g’rownds
An th’ot uv tha galleon, Florencia,
Sunk wi’ g’owld on seaweed scarves.
Muile, bright isle o thae great sea
Yer culd nae keep oos wi gales!
But we luv’d  ye while we culd
Ev’r wave, ev’r loch, an crag
Ev’r bright bloom by tha shore
An we wept tae sae farewell.

© 2012 S. Michaels
Alba Songs 

Duart Castle (Caisteal Dhubhairt)   Isle of Mull (Muile)/Iona  Ben More (Beinn Mhòr)

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