The Power of Words

The average human being will end up speaking 20 -30,000 words a day. That’s a whole lot of words. Imagine the number of words being spoken by one person in a lifetime. Think about the power of words…the power to communicate, to convince, to build up or tear down, to deliver positive messages or negative, to speak blessings or curses. Words are arguably, one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

“Life and death are in the power of the tongue…” wrote the ancient biblical scribe of the book of Proverbs. (Proverbs 18:21) It’s true. God made us in His image, and in doing so, He gave us the incredible gift of communication. How we use the gift of our words can mean all the difference between life and death. Our words, like money in the bank, are an immeasureable investment, but it’s all up to us whether they will be an investment for good or not.

Every single word we speak is a seed. And like seeds planted in soil, our words will take root and bring forth a harvest. Words of blessing will bring a harvest of blessing. Words of cursing and blasphemy will eventually reap a harvest of misery and sorrow.

When is the last time you spoke a blessing or heard a blessing spoken? At a wedding? When a child was born? When a new job was started or a new home was purchased? When your neighbor, friend or family member got a promotion? Blessings are benedictions – words or declarations spoken to invoke favor upon another person or persons. Blessings are words of promise-in-action. Words of potential, hope, and destiny. Blessings are so powerful, they are under the governance of heaven.

Both blessings and curses carry a divine ‘legally binding’ power within them. Cursing initiated with man’s initial rebellion with God, and his desire to be like God, “…knowing both good and evil…” Knowing both good and evil is an indescribably powerful knowledge, but this incredible knowledge came with a great cost and another power — the power to also CHOOSE good or evil, blessing or cursing.

God, the source of blessing, gave mankind the power to engage in the spiritual law of blessing — as a protection against harm and cursing. He directed people not to curse, but to bless. “Bless those who curse you…bless…in order that you may inherit a blessing.” (1 Peter 3:9, Romans 12:14, Luke 6:28)

When we speak words and carry out deeds of blessing, we raise up a harvest of blessings. We are investing in something that will continue in eternity. The power of blessing seems almost forgotten today, but that doesn’t make it any less real or valid. The words we speak are tied to destiny on a daily basis…”Choose today… blessing or curses…” (Deuteronomy 11: 26, Deuteronomy 30:19)

God directs those who follow Him, not to curse, but to bless. He does this for our own good. God planned from the start, that we should speak a blessing in order to inherit blessings. God promised blessings to those who bless. God’s Word will never pass away. His promises are true. When you begin speaking more blessings, watch what happens…


© 2012 S. Michaels
From Notebook: What Have You Got to Lose?

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