Wearin’ Thae Plaid

Och, we dinna dare wear th’plaid
As we flew those Grampian hills
Sae quick atop thae hielan’ hills
Driven by unusual long’in to race
To gang, an n’er return, back
Where’er we’d come fra’

Och, as if all th’ clans were gatherin’
Again, and at Taigh Iain Ghròte
Leavin’ an’ takin’ grownd
Strong, we waited by th’ boat
As on a grand promontory
Breathin’ air sae proud
We couldn’a tak’ it in
Beyon’ Dundee’s gowlden broom
Climbin’ higher, grow’in younger

As we wing’d, we ken th’place meant
Tae pull us back wair we belang’d
Wair channels blue n’wide flow deep
An’ men still brave luv lassies fair
Against all loss, we dream’d o’ luv
Freedom, an all life’s best n’ guid
Awaitin’, as time abandon’d us
We cross’d wair great seas met
An’ found oor destiny still alive
On rough Orcadian shores

Sae solid. Somethin’ stirr’d, sae deep
A callin’ beyond oor emptiness
Led us a ‘dance on wild winds
An made things auld seem new agin

© 2012 S. Michaels Alba Songs

ref. links: John O’GroatsThe Orkney Islands

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