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What God Needs from You


God speaks…

You know how when you whisper a prayer, and how even before you pray, I answer? Do you love this relationship? I do. Giving you all my love, my very best for you forever. In this two-way relationship, I also want to share again what I need  … from you

My friend, I don’t know how we got here but it’s like a ‘square one’ place  You realize by now that I really don’t need your works, money, time, talents.  These are great gifts which I’m glad you give, but I require something more  Please understand, the sacrifice I will never despise is so simple it hurts… I need your heart

And let me ask this. When’s the last time you rolled out the red carpet?  I mean the awesome indescribable place of My redemption and grace. Have you led anyone there lately? An unbeliever, a cynic, an accuser?  A homeless person? Someone in need? Did you act as my ambassador?  Remember, the greatest gift of all time, Life Forever was purchased for all.  At the cross and tomb I opened the way, but not to finish the journey alone. I need your partnership

Friend. Listen deeply. Is your life 100% mine? If so, will you become bread? Do you want to walk in my steps? If so, let your life willingly be broken for others  Shared. Outpoured. Spilled. Not all neat and tidy. Not faith between the lines.  Rugged. Real. Risky. ‘Out there’ faith. It’s what I need to write gospels. Not later. Not when you think you’ve got everything in order or on ‘your time’. I need your life.  All of it. Real time. Now.

xo Abba

© 2011 S. Michaels
From Notebook: Traverse – Following God

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

2 thoughts on “What God Needs from You

  1. This message lifted my heart thanks my friend for sharing the love in your heart from him to all of our hearts with a bow tied around it!

  2. Very true that the Lord wants our hearts.

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