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Bright Morning Star


Bright Morning Star, Bright Evening Light
One and the same, Star of Day, Star of Night

Great Star foretelling Earth’s sweetest seasons
Winter storms soft, Summer storms fleeting

Bright Star of Evening, Bright Star of Dawn
Harbinger of mysteries, Wandering Star of Kings

O Glory Star, O Illuminating Wonder Star
O Brightest Star of Stars, O Shekinah Star

Bright Morning Star, Bright Evening Star
Unfolding to us heaven’s richest holy gift

O Star of David forever bright, O Promised One!
Fountain of Life, In Your Light we see light


© 2011 S. Michaels, Knowing Every Acre
References: Psalm 36:9, Revelation 22:16


Author: LightWriters

Faith child. Poet. Photo-buff.

2 thoughts on “Bright Morning Star

  1. God bless you too, Susan. And thank you for your wonderful articles you’ve blessed us with throughout the year. I pray God uses you more through your writings in the coming year.

  2. p.s. Christmas prayers and blessings everyone! Thanks for sharing the Light! And God bless you with your truest, happiest, brightest Christmas ever…filled with gifts of miracles, wonder, and every good and perfect gift! In Jesus, Susan

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