Roars of Battle, Songs of Faith

I hear sounds of battle. I hear battles being waged for life. I hear battles being waged for moral decency in societies run amok. I hear a battle being waged for justice, political stability, sanctions, economic balance.  I hear fierce battles being waged by the forgotten in third world nations, and the homeless in our own streets. I hear the noise and roar of battles over drugs, $$ and crime. I hear battles being waged throughout the nations, brutal battles of tyranny, greed, intolerance…

Battles are not silent. Battles rage.  Terribly. But above all the clamor and noise, I listen and hear another sound. The sound of a different battle… a battle of faith…and in this realm, I also hear music…praises tearing down walls of unbelief, indifference, greed, and hate…Faith wears an armour that is invincible.  Faith is living, not dead. Faith transforms and gives us ‘God sight’…the ability to see beyond ‘self’ or worldly circumstances into the supernatural realm where God calls things that are ‘not’ as though they are. Faith is the ‘substance’ of things hoped for – the very evidence of things unseen.

Jesus said that the smallest speck of faith holds power to move mountains! He has already demonstrated such faith before religious authorities of his day. He proved to those superspiritual leaders that ‘religion’ just didn’t cut it. During his earthly ministry of healing and in raising the dead to life, Jesus illustrated heaven-sent faith at work. He promised that if we believe in Him we will do greater things in His Name than He did during His time on earth. Yet Jesus was also concerned about lack of faith. He wondered if he would find  ‘alive’ faith in the hearts of people when he returned to earth. Why? Because Jesus knew just how quickly the human spirit faints in trials of faith. Faith gets tested. Faith can waver. However, the rewards of persistent faith are as immeasureable as God Himself. These are troubled times, but God’s not troubled, and neither should His people be troubled. He said, “Let NOT your hearts be troubled…” The thing about faith is that it is not something we can muster up by mere will power.  It isn’t ‘mind over matter’. Faith is a gift from God. Faith is linked to two other great gifts – hope and love. Hope and love fire up faith. And so does…praise! 

If you feel a little short on faith…don’t worry about it. Talk with God. Ask Him to grow your faith and take you to a new level.  That’s the first step. Then, believe His promises! Get to know them and  hold on against all hope. And, start praising! Joshua was a man of faith, and God knew about Joshua’s faith, but He stretched Joshua a little and asked him to praise!Praise changes everything. It can do the same for you.

The Battle of Jericho with Moses Hogan…this is possibly the best rendition of the old spiritual hymn about Joshua’s battle…a song about the victory won by faith before Israel entered the Promised Land (Video includes Hogan’s opening interview and describes how he used music to imitate the ‘sounds of battle’…and victory). (Do I hear any alleluias?) 🙂

© S. Michaels From Notebook: What Have You Got to Lose?
For further insights on faith, read: Hebrews 11,  Joshua 6:1-27

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