As we move forward into God-given destinies, it is reassuring
to know that God has already been there…and knows full well
how to open the doors of breakthrough. He, the incarnate God
has been here before…

D. Sheets (God’s Timing For Your Life, © 2001, Regent Books)

Let’s talk about destiny. The word ‘destiny’ implies being part of an adventure…It also implies purpose. God is a God of purpose and plan. There is nothing haphazard about His activities or work in our lives. When we walk with God, the dreams He inspires are dreams He would like us to work hard at and to put into action. Too often we stop short. Perhaps we think the going is too tough. Perhaps we run into doubt, fear, and apathy. There are all kinds of roadblocks which can crop up on the way to victory. Hurdles are part of life. But as a person of destiny, giving up is not an option. Moving ahead in our divine destiny will often require risk-taking, faith, even tastes of defeat. Moving ahead not only requires taking action, it requires getting up and trying again. And staying power. Staying power is perseverance.

Perseverance is the hidden strength behind faith. True perseverance is a God-given strength which enables us to stand strong, never be defeated, and to ‘break through’…to establish ‘new ground’…to move ahead in fulfilling our destiny. Not surprisingly, perseverance comes from Latin, meaning ‘through’ and ‘severe’… through tough tests… through difficulties… To get to the place of victory, requires ‘stick to it-iveness’.

The exciting part is finding out that God’s already run ahead of you. He’s with you all the way.

Are you running a good race? Keep running. Have you been faltering and falling behind? Get back up again. Keep on keeping on. This is your time. Use it well.

© S. Michaels From Notebook: What Have You Got To Lose?

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