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Och, Gretna Green

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Och, tae wed a’ Gretna Green!
Wair luv rings true, wair romance thrives
Rushin’ bright near tha’ River Esk
My heap o thanks tae ol’ Laird Hardwicke
For him it were wha’ seal’d thae deed
Ae plan tae rescue runaway brides

An’ so it occur’d ae bonny spring day
While journey’in sleepily a’lang tha’ way
Flyin’ past Galloways an Heelan’ coos
Ae happen’d upon an auld coach rood
An felt my feet lift’d owff th’ g’rownd!

As ae piper pipe’d ae weddin’ toon
Thair pass’d by me, two-by-two
Couples marry’in, brides an’ grooms
An ae braw lad, wha’ made me swoon!
But as I turn’d awa, was suddenly g’own!

Sae listen careful, an tak wee notes
Wen luv comes cowlin’, dinna let gow

Wha follies, wha fun. Och, Gretna Green!

© 2011 S. Michaels
Alba Songs

Author’s note: Gretna Green is situated in Dumfries and Galloway. and is a legendary spot for runaway brides. And not far away basking in green fields as if blissfully unaware of this famous ‘place’, you may come across Scotland’s famous Heeland ‘coos’ and Galloways

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