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Tobar Mhoire Dreams

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D’ye ken tha’place wair bonny lasses once gaze’d
At Tobar Mhoire’s seas, alwa’s dreamin’, dreamin’
As eff searchin’ a mirror for a luv’d one’s face
As eff seek’in men they ken wuld niver return
As eff know’in yet dream’in still, an’ still
A’waitin’ while sun-glazed seas sigh’d silver
As deep blue heart of seas awoke them
Tae cries of brave men suddenly swept awa’
Niver tae return hame, a’Tobar Mhoire
Yet thae lassies harvestin’ green silk seaweed
Braidin’ pearls at night in wedding gowns
Waited, waited, an waited lang
Until thair tears fill’d up thae harbour town
Now, mony lang times past, below azure skies
Young luvs still find a way tae arrive
Tae marry wair sea an’ land meet an alwa’s will
Wair in thae harbour wide bows rock still
Adrift in lost dreams of Tobar Mhoire

©2011 S. Michaels
Alba Songs

Author’s note: Situated on the stunning Scottish Isle of Mull, I regret that I only spent an hour or two in Tobermory.   In the early 1800’s and onward, attempts to build a successful fishing industry failed in this area. However, Tobermory drew royal attention and was a popular spot for Queen Victoria’s yachting excursions. It retains an air of romance and is a popular wedding destination.

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