Tan, the Tea Master

Un maitre de thés! had they said?
He was unsure as he visited

A famous tea salon in Paris
Of the 1 ere arrondissement
They had ooh’d his tea mastery.

Tan  returned with word to Hunan
As a tea master, he humbly bowed

Telling the good news,
Art of harvest steeped in legend
Golden monkey long ago picked
Branch of tea in highest mountain
Tea master must also reach higher

Tan, the tea master spoke often
Of the oil of the Osmanthus
The flowering globe amaranth
And Lapsang Souchong
All reap reward of golden sun

He prized the evergreen
camellia sinensis 茶花
Tan’s favorite, he grinned
As it bloomed in bright light
Now promising harvest fortune
As red as Tian and Lychee luck

Dark torrents of spring rain
Swept away hills and fields
Tan stood silent many days.
At last the tea master spoke,

Liberty never just happen
Beginning of new chapter
Obvious strength waits

© 2011 S. Michaels
Along Silk Roads

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