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Déjà-voo at Smoo

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No’r Sea waters sweep c’ald
An tha’ place lures y’in like a fish
Strangest meetin uv earth an sky
By Durness, an ae cave call’d Smoo
Ae felt I ha’ travel’d thair befoor
Wither in ae dream, I kenna be sure
But wonder’d, wair it déjà-voo
Aye, (like a wee bairn in a fuss)
Ae step’d gingerly frae thae bus
Wonder’in as winds blaw’ me thro’
Freezin me en tha’ spot, if it were true
(Fer dinna ol’ Mc Murdo hide oot
Here, tha’ highwayman n’ smuggl’r?)
Battlin wi thae ol’ devil his self
Blaw’d ae windie in thae rock, I’m t’ald
Bandy-legged, tha place left me!
Wi’ high tide, I flew awa’ quick
Et’s a strange place, Smoo

 © 2011 S. Michaels
Alba Songs
See SmooCave.org

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

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