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Dylan-esque – ‘Tell Me Please’

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Consistently inconsistent, predictably unpredictable
Believe-ably un-believable, Conceive-ably in-conceivable
Gotta wonder what’s this old world’s coming to
hey, can’t someone tell me…pleasssse…

Blue skies red n’ bloated now, greedy markets shakin’
Terror razin’ streets apart, threatenin’ Kingdom come
No one likes Gospel truth, they’re all hooked on trash TV
Tell me, what’s this old world coming to?
hey, won’t someone tell me…pleasssse…

Devil’s on the high roads, he’s takin’ up Main Street
Move over world, he speaks,  it’s my way all the way!
Let’s feed children dirt, throw lambs to the slaughter
Let’s drive everyone raving mad, let them call it ‘freedom’
hey, where’s this old world headin’ anyway
can’t anyone tell me pleasssse…?

World’s closin’ up shop, robber barons goin’  bankrupt
Nations like tickin’ time bombs, and no one to lay the blame on
Despots out on the loose, out of jail free in their Gucci suits
Destroying girls an’ boys, seducing them with fancy toys
Rocks go crumblin’ down, towers go crashin into oceans

They’d rather spill empty rhetoric, than clean up dirty oil
They’d rather live in Hollywood, they’d rather rock n’ roll-lll-ll
They’d rather destroy it all, they don’t believe in heaven or hell-ll-ll
hey, where’s this old world goin’, can anyone tell-ll-ll me pleassse…?

Father, forgive them, they’re reap’in, and they don’t care
Everything’s shakin’down so fast, how long can we take it?
Twilight’s fadin soon, and everyone’s missing the sunset

where’s this old world goin’, tell-ll-ll me pleassse…

where’s it goin’… tell-ll-ll me…

Copyright 2011 S. Michaels
From Five Star Notebook – Life Poems

Updated this in 2012. ‘Tell me Please’ is dedicated in tribute to Bob Dylan’s 1990 ‘Under the Red Sky’ album…one of my favorites of his albums, and like most of Dylan’s writing, Red Sky contains some of the most profound lyrics of our time.  I won’t even pretend to come close, but wanted to say, “Thanks for the legacy, Bobby, God bless.’ 

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Life. Faith. Wellness.

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