Consistently inconsistent, predictably unpredictable, Believeably unbelievable, Conceiveably inconceivable, Gotta wonder what’s this old world’s coming to, can’t someone please tell me…

Blue skies red n’ bloated, greedy markets shakin, Terror in the streets, threatening Kingdom come. No one likes Gospel truth, they’re all hooked on fake news, Tell me, what’s this old world coming to? Won’t you please tell me…

Devil’s on the high roads, takin’ up Main Street, Move over worldit’s my way or the highway, Let’s feed our children dirt, throw the lambs to the slaughter, Let’s drive everyone mad, let them call it freedom, where’s this old world headed, won’t someone please tell me…

Whole world’s closing up shop, robber barons going bankrupt, nations like ticking time bombs, no one to lay the blame on, Despots on the loose, out of jail in Gucci suits, Destroying girls and boys, seduced with fancy toys, Mountains tumblin’ down, towers falling into oceans.

They’d rather spill empty lies, than listen to truth, they’d rather live in Hollywood, they’d rather rock n’ roll-lll-ll, they’d rather destroy it all, they don’t believe in heaven or hell-ll-ll, where’s this old world headed, won’t you please tell me…

Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they’ve done, Everything’s shakin’ down, no telling when it all might end, Dayight’s fading fast, and everyone’s missing the sunset, yeah, no one knows where it’s going, won’t you please tell-ll-ll me, oh please…tell-ll-ll me…

Copyright 2011 S. Michaels
From Five Star Notebook – Life Poems

(Updated: 2019) in tribute to Dylan’s ‘Under the Red Sky’ album, which like all of his work, contains some of the most profound lyrics of our time.  I won’t even pretend to come close, but wanted to say, “Thanks for the legacy, Bobby, shalom and God bless.’ 

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