Th’ Rough Embrace

Grey skies kenna bair this place!
Wair bonny broom kisses fields gowld
Thae owld’en ruins still stand, a fortress
Bound by  age-old hills an rough embrace
Refusin’ to release h’air bairns she luvs
Alba’s heart drums, thunders, l’owd
A’roond a’uld Clan Donald’s silver’d loch
Blue realms and shaded green sur’round
An sun alights on the laundry ‘hoos
Wair breezes bend gentle as birdsong
Amongst Armadale’s gather’d woods
Wair ow wuld gladly rest an stay
Wair promises forever will remain
Tha na siùil air am Pasgadh sa chala
do chuid de Phàrras dhut

The sails are Folded in the harbour
Your share of Paradise to you

© 2011 S. Michaels
Alba Songs

Author’s note: The closing lines of this poem are from a tribute found at the old laundry house, Armadale Castle, Clan Donald, Isle of Skye, in memory of Vice-Admiral Sir Roderick Macdonald, KBE (1921-2001), Trustee and Member of the Executive Committee of the Clan Donald Lands Trust.

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