Does God Speak Through Our Dreams?

Dreams…a mysterious phenomenon. Scientists have been intrigued by dreams for years.  What  really happens when we sleep and dream? Studies delve for answers. Sleep labs measure brain waves. Countless organizations have been established to study dreams. There is even an International Association for the Study of Dreams. Scientists explore…and history tells us this is nothing new. Dreams have held a fascination for mankind throughout the ages.

The Bible reveals that certain dreams are important, sent from God and significant. This is witnessed in the life of Jacob, who dreamed of a ladder going up to heaven and angels ascending and descending, and in the life of Daniel, whose dreams held prophetic power as acknowledged by the great king, Nebuchadnezzar. Joseph also had an important dream warning him to flee to Egypt with Mary and the child Jesus. At the time, King Herod, fearing the birth of a king who might take his throne, went on a rampage killing all newborn boys throughout the land. The most dynamic record of dreams in the Bible is relayed in Revelation, the last book of the Bible, a remarkable prophetic revelation of John the evangelist.

True, some dreams may be no more than the result of a smidgen of something we ate before bedtime troubling us as old Ebenezer Scrooge  declared had happened to him in Dickens’ famous tale about ‘ghostly visitors’ who visited ol’ Scrooge in the middle of the night, bringing dire warnings.

Most of my own dreams disappear at dawn. However at times I have encountered unusual dream episodes. These dreams were memorable and vivid in detail.  I began chronicling them and soon noted that there were opportunities presented for me to understand and pray about certain matters I had been unable to conciously resolve or unravel in my waking hours. Does God speak through dreams? The Bible certainly says He does. And since God is ‘Spirit’ and because His ways are far above ours…I venture to say…yes, God can and indeed at times does…speak to us in our dreams.

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