A matter of the heart…

Someone was overheard at a church recently lamenting how she wished she could pray more but…somehow she just didn’t have time… I wondered how this could be,  a top business executive, this woman was clearly more adept than most at juggling endless personal and business activities on her Blackberry…but she had no time to pray. I wondered…was this a matter of the heart? Stuck situations often are. They need not be. Jesus spoke of life as a phenomenal opportunity to invest in — treasure  — in heaven. Wonderful! you say, I’ll do it…but…how…?

Prayer. Not the formal event you might imagine, but a caring and ongoing conversation with God. Get to know His heart and Word. He implores us to seek…and find…God isn’t inviting us as Christians to be stuck inside the pages of a book but to explore His kingdom. Prayer is the key. Thousands of books written on prayer will never cover this subject’s full scope and power. Like all of God’s Word, we need to live and experience it in action. Start with determining to make your time and relationship with God matter.  Be persistent and faithful. Tell Him your needs, requests…care about others in prayer. Ask questions. Refuse to demand or expect instant answers, results, or gratification. Be real. Learn awe, thanksgiving, humility, praise, appreciation, listening, waiting…trust. This is a worthwhile relationship. Treat it accordingly. Don’t be surprised when you begin to see miracles unfold.

Finally, dare to adventure beyond four walls. Go beyond the practise of praying alone. You’ve learned to trust God. Trust others and pray together with faith and in confidentiality and with respect. This is very important. Jesus cares about community and mutual faith is powerful. He promised greater and exponential power would be released in answer to prayers when people pray together. Pray. Schedule it in if that’s what it takes. This matters. Your heart and life depend on it. Prayer may be the best investment you ever make.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21 )

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