Tzipporah צִפוֹרָה

‘…a bird’…
Seventh daughter, shepherdess
Winged seeker, questioner
Woman of vision soaring
Above entrails of ancient idols
Midianite gods and Ashteroth
Abandoned for Moshe’s faith
A bridegroom at a well
Like Rachel meeting Jacob
Inspiring each other
Serving him for love
Melding with Ha Shem’s plans
Aligned with a runner from God
Reflections in each others eyes
Soul mates, dual hearts of fire
Digging deep life’s wells
Passions imprinted forever
Tzipporah, bride of Israel’s future
Repentance pooled in deserts hot
Seeking refreshment’s birth
Oases songs sweetly sung

Copyright S. Michaels 2010

Based upon Exodus 2:16-22, excerpt from ’Divine Destinies – Poetic Portraits of Bible Women’ 

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