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The Pearl Fisherman


Moments in time
Seas drifting, ephemeral
Timeless mysteries
Transforming oysters
Imperfect yet invaluable
Shells hiding treasures 
Diving in dark waters
The fisherman sorts
One by one
Each pearl a soul
Weighed, deemed priceless
In heaven’s balance

© 2010 S. Michaels
Knowing Every Acre

Image: Sebastien Mecklemann, National Geo.com


Author: LightWriters

Faith child. Poet. Photo-buff.

6 thoughts on “The Pearl Fisherman

  1. Hi Susan I love reading your blog and have nominate you for the ABC Award: http://nissiknows.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/abc-award/

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  3. Wow Susan! This poem is truly poignant. It really made me stop and think. Would you be interested in contributing some poems to a woman’s ebook project I am organising? I would love to give you more info if you are interested?

    Nissi x

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